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Maybe Edik is really busy, a sleepy hope flashed through his sleeping brain. I don’t seem to be lucky at cards, which means in love

“Don’t be so sad,” in a low, slightly hoarse voice, with a characteristic melodious gypsy-in a smoky accent, said Rose, and blew a ball of smoke at me. - It doesn't matter…

I twitched in surprise. I don't remember ever hearing her voice. The imperious movements of the gypsy spoke more eloquently than any words, and everyone in the casino understood them from the first time. In two years, which is exactly how long I have already served here, I have actually served, and not worked, since the casino is more like an army than a business office, even a parrot at the gaming table will become a clairvoyant psychologist. So I can guess by my eyes, without words, what the client wants - to change money, raise the bet or stop the game in order to run to the toilet when needed, or simply draw in a path of white powder, this happens here.


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